See'um Smile Playhouse - Company Message
We believe the best way to respond to children is individually. Infants, because they tend to be less predictable and their needs more urgent than older children, demand immediate attention from the caregiver. Infants depend entirely upon adults for physical and emotional sustenance; the quality of adult interactions with them is particularly important.

This infant care program schedule is flexible enough to accommodate individual chidren's needs, so times may vary. Feeding, changing and napping routines are interspersed with holding, patting, touching, and talking to the children for comfort and stimulation throughout the day.

We provide a complete report of each infant's daily intake of solids and liquids to you at pick-up time. You provide a similar report to the staff at drop-off time. Take home copies of these reports are provided daily.

Helping children develop language skills is of particular importance during "toddler hood". Because they have limited facility with language, toddlers' cries or calls for help must be investigated immediately.
See'um Smile Playhouse staff members encourage children to initiate language and celebrate the use of words in all aspects of the program. Toddlers learn through their own experiences: trial and error, repetition, imitation, and identification. Adults are best able to guide and encourage this learning by ensuring a safe, emotionally supportive, positive and stimulating environment.
We are firm believers in showing respect for children, their preferences and their emerging abilities. We think that it is natural and a sign of developing intellectual ability for children to test limits and assert autonomy.