See'um Smile Playhouse - Company Message
The preschool program at See'um Smile Playhouse is intended to be developmentally appropriate, not merely with respect to the group, but individually as well. We provide a hands-on, non-stressful, non-competitive environment for learning.

The learning emphasis at See'um Smile Playhouse is on promotion of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development of young children. Our aim is to foster a love of learning in all its dimensions for learning's own sake. We are convinced that children who enter school loving to learn will enjoy success throughout their formal education. 

Our curriculum consists of monthly themes from September to June and bi-weekly themes in the summer. Each theme focuses on seasonal concepts, experiences, and activities appropriate for each age group. Our emphasis is on learning through play indoors and out. We believe children learn best when they are active participants in shared experiences. A written plan of each days' activities is posted in each classroom.
The year-round program is enriched with projects, special events, and a myriad of celebrations, all of which help us impart a sense of cultural diversity, community, and perspective to the experiences of the children and families we serve.

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. "Centers" within the Center allow children to enjoy creative arts, drama, music and movement, storytelling, science and math in the natural world. Outdoor, children develop physical coordination through running, racing, catching and throwing in our private playground. We play outdoors everyday.